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 Directed for:

South East Arts, East 15 Acting School, numerous venues at

the Edinburgh Festival, Trinity Arts Theatre, Broomhill Trust,

Westminster Community School, East Grinstead Theatre,

Greenwich Theatre, Soho Theatre, London.

 Drama Consultancy:

Music Advisor on Peter Hall's film 'Akenfield'

Voice and Character Director - Greenwich Theatre

Plays directed include:

 'Robin Hood - a May Celebration' by David Wood and Dave and Toni Arthur; 'Jack the Lad' by David Wood and Dave

and Toni Arthur; 'Rising Generation' by Anne Jellicoe; 'Animal Farm' by Peter Hall from book by George Orwell; 'The

House of Bernarda Alba' by Federico Garcia Lorca; 'Oleanna' by David Mamet; 'The Beggar's Opera' by John Gay;

'Fuente Ovejuna' by Lope de Vega; 'Man of Mode' by George Etherege.

 Numerous plays for youth theatres

 Edinburgh Festival – 2003

'A Very Naughty Boy' by Adrian Poynton – Fringe First Award winner.

 Edinburgh Festival – 2004

'Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde' by Rhys Darby; 'Success' by Adrian Poynton; 'How I Got my Yo' by Simon Woodroffe;

'Freedumb' by Phil Nichol and Janice Phayre; 'It Could Be You' by Shelley Cooper; 'Wish You Were Here' by Shazia


She was also a consultant on the shows by Jason Wood, Patrick Monahan and Andrew Clover.

Toni won the Best Director of Comedy Award for Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004.

 Edinburgh Festival 2005

'Shake, Rattle and Noel' by Noel Faulkner; a new show by Shazia Mirza.

 She is a consultant for Zoe Lyons, winner of the Funny Woman of the Year Award, 2004.

 She is directing the new play by Ed Byrne for The Soho Theatre.

  Toni's CV


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