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Testimonials are always difficult to share. Here are a few of the many received from people who have experienced Toni's one-to-one personal development sessions. They are anonymous, with just initials and positions used. The writers, however, will recognise themselves and know how pleased Toni is with their kind words. This is a rapidly expanding part of Toni's work with new work coming in from word of mouth recommendations.

 "All in all, I cannot tell you how glad I was that I came for that Personal Development day with you. The timing was perfect. Not only did I get more out of the last years of my mother and father, I've also got more out of life - period."
J. N., Account Manager
 "I am leaping off the world again. You totally changed me back to my old self this weekend and I've been bubbling over ever since. Thank you is but a grain of sand on the beach compared to what you did for me, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart."
O.S., Deputy Head
 "You are an amazing woman, Toni, and I feel privileged to have been able to talk so openly to you. Thank you for your brutal honesty. I needed someone to shake me out of this dreadful state of compromise. Work suddenly looks more exciting."
R.B., Managing Director
 "The personal development was such a fantastic experience. I feel like someone's taken my lid off! I couldn't shut up about it for weeks. I have made my current job work for me and I'm actively working on the foundations for another life. I've enrolled on two new courses and intend to get really qualified this time. "
L.W., Account Manager


 "I still think of our session and still feel a sense of strength from it. You managed to see me for what I am and showed a path through the minefield I believed I was in. It must be like saving people who have been wandering in the wilderness aimlessly for years. I now have a purpose and a balance in my life that I believe I would not have got if I had not been to see you. Thank you."
R.B. , Creative Director




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